A Rousingly Successful Supplier Fair

Procurement Services and the Business Diversity Program would like to thank all of you who had the opportunity to attend the 10th Annual Supplier Fair on March 16th. We set an all-time record for attendance at close to 350 UW attendees. Not only that, but we received many positive comments from the participating suppliers that staffed the 80 booths at the HUB Ballroom venue. Overwhelmingly, most said that there was a constant flow of attendees and the conversations with potential UW customers was fun and meaningful in establishing future business relationships.

We truly hope you had a great time meeting with the vast variety of suppliers and learning about their new products and services and what makes them a unique business opportunity to the University. Beyond those business engagements we couldn’t help but also note that the refreshments were appreciated as they flew off the trays and were delightfully consumed by discerning patrons.

We would also like to take a moment to thank all the suppliers who participated at the event and a big shout out to Creative House Branding, an UW approved licensee, for sponsoring the event bags this year, thank you! 

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