8th Annual UW Supplier Fair Exceeds Expectations

The 8th Annual UW Supplier Fair was held on March 12th, 2014 with more suppliers and attendees than ever before. This was a great opportunity to talk one on one with suppliers to see if a department’s unique needs could be met by them. The attendance was around 350 and the fair showcased 83 suppliers in eProcurement, suppliers with a UW contract, as well as small, local, minority and women owned businesses.

And was the supplier swag the coolest ever? From really nifty water bottles with a “WOOF” graphic on its side, to bouncy balls that glowed on the inside like they were radioactive when bounced. The supplier reps were engaging and receptive to their campus customers, and an informal survey concluded the suppliers were thrilled with the number of new connections they made throughout the day.

The refreshments were a big hit also. People seemed to love the curry chicken satay, and the ones with a sweet tooth enjoyed a variety of cookies and brownies. So if you missed this year, please consider attending the next supplier fair that will take place around this time in 2015.

Click Here for more photos from the 8th Annual Supplier Fair.